RDC: Des arrestations arbitraires à Bukavu au Sud Kivu, deux autres DDH arrêtés ce samedi 09 Mars , PPI alerte

Since March 5, the regional organization Partnership for the Integrated Protection, follows two files of the two actors of the civil society incarcerated for having denounced the cases of the tortures on certain prisoners of the police station of Karhale city of Bukavu, province South Kivu in the DRC. While the case of these two actors is not yet exhausted, two others have just been arrested when they came to answer a meeting of the provincial police commissioner.
These two previously arrested DHD are being prosecuted for denouncing the torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment that would be routinely recorded in the Karhale police sub-station in Nkafu district. As a reminder, it was planned a demonstration of the civil society nucleus nkafu neighborhood this Saturday, March 09 to denounce the detention she deems arbitrary of its members and ask for their outright release and replacement of Commander Kitumaini sub-commission of Karhale. Having already barricaded the road from beach muhanzi, the police came to ask the protesters to reopen the road and set up a delegation to meet General Louis Second Karahwa who would be waiting for them at his office in Labotte. On the spot, they are directly arrested and put in jail without any form of trial. PPI continues to condemn with the utmost energy these arrests against the Ddh in Bukavu, province of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo and demand that all four ddh be released “can read in a PPI statement published in social networks.

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